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At our drug rehab center, we are dedicated to providing all of our clients with the care they need to reach their recovery goals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality, compassionate, and innovative care to adults struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Through comprehensive and customized treatment plans, our research-based, empathetic care we instill hope that long-term recovery is possible.


Where You Beat Your Addiction

We take a big picture approach to addiction treatment — by addressing each client as a whole person. We work to consider how factors such as your lifestyle, environment, health, and co-occurring mental health disorders may play a part in your addiction involving drugs or alcohol.


Dual Diagnosis (Co-Occurring Disorders)

Dual diagnosis, or co-occurring disorders care is the simultaneous treatment of substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health issues. Up to 50 percent of those with mental health disorders also have a substance abuse problem.

No matter what led to their addiction in the first place, we know that different clients have different need for addiction recovery treatment. In order to ensure that we can afford our clients the care they need regardless of the circumstances that led to their addiction to begin with, we are dedicated to ensuring we have as many different possible treatments as we are able.

Drug Withdrawal Symptoms, Timelines, & Treatment

By ensuring we have a full complement of treatments with which to support our clients, we can be sure that we’re providing our clients with the most effective possible care.


Heroin and Opiates

One of the treatment strategies we provide at our substance abuse treatment center is dual diagnosis mental health treatment. When a client is struggling with both an addiction and a co-occurring disorder, simply treating the addiction will leave the client at risk of a relapse when the leave the drug rehab center.

Mother And Daughter


This is because if only the addiction is treated, then the client may still be struggling with the symptoms of the co-occurring mental health disorder. In instances like this, the client runs the risk of returning to substance abuse in an attempt to self-medicate the remaining symptoms of the co-occurring mental health disorder.

Teenage Girl Suffering From Depression Visiting Counsellor


What complicates the problem even further is the fact that many clients with co-occurring mental health disorders who enter our addiction recovery treatment center are not even aware of the fact that they are struggling with both disorders.

Fortunately, during the comprehensive intake interview, we’ll be sure and screen for any possible co-occurring disorders.
If anything comes up, we’ll be able to provide you with the benefit of dual diagnosis mental health treatment in order to ensure that you’re getting the most effective care possible.
When you complete your time at our drug rehab center, you won’t have to fear that you’ll be left on your own as you continue to progress toward your long term recovery goals.
This is thanks to the fact that we provide all of our clients with a customized aftercare plan. Thanks to this plan, our clients will know that our drug rehab facility will be by their side for every step of the journey to recovery.
No matter where you’re at now, recovery is just around the corner.

Specialists are available 24 hours a day